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Monday, October 22, 2007

Brownies, 9 Years, 3D and Red Skies

This weekend was very nice. It started Friday nice with a relaxing night at home. We watched Transformers, which was a fun movie. As usual, I did not feel it had enough nudity. Especially from Josh Duhamel and Shia LaBeouf.

Saturday, I woke up, went downstairs and enjoyed my coffee, reading the paper, a few gay rags and then decided to work my fitness and hike Runyon Canyon.

Saturday afternoon, my partner and I celebrated our 9th anniversary. It is hard to believe it has been 9 years. Time has flown since we met on the internet and went on our first date. I still adore him and his eyes the color of weather.

I baked some of my famous brownies (not that kind, lol. I wish!) and went to a friends place to have pizza before we went to see "The Nightmare before Christmas" in 3D. " Ha, we saw it at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood where we had VIP seats that came with our own special Jack Skellington popcorn bucket. Afterwards we all headed into West Hollywood for a few drinks and to see the eye candy at Fiesta Cantina. Sunday was sort of uneventful, I started to bake Banana bread and realized I was out of vanilla. So I had to run to the grocery. That was about it, until the skies turned red. I feel so badly for all the people who have to deal with or are in harms way from these horrible fires in Southern California.


eliot said...

Congrats on the anniversary. Glad the weekend was fun.

Tim in Italy said...

Nine years! Golly, the last time I was with someone for nine years was... never. And even that took A LOT of work. I'm not even sure I've been with me for nine years, given my daydreaming and flights of fantasy.

So, yes, congratulations. Here's to another nine years and hopefully more.

dit said...

Thank you both. 8-)

tyler said...

yes, the fires around la are devastating: i watched on sunday as a house ON THE BEACH in malibu went up in smoke.
congrats on your 9th anni......and you met him online, huh?

dit said...

Yes, I watched something similar. More than horrible.

Yes, we met online about 9 years ago at We had some crazy stuff in the beginning, but since has been pretty amazing. We have yet to actually have a fight. Crazy, yet true.

Hope you are safe.

W said...

Awwww...9 years huh? Pretty sweet. Keep rocking you two.

The only thing I've ever had come out of teh oven that has tasted remotely like what it is supposed to taste is Banana Bread!

Banana flvour is my favourite flavour. Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey is my favourite ice cream. I loved making esters in org chem lab cuz they smelt like bananas.

I talk too much, I am going to stop now.

dit said...

never stop talking. 8-)