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Monday, October 29, 2007

A Grand Weekend.

I had a great weekend. Most of all relaxing. As the air quality was exceptionally bad due to the fires. So, we opted to work our fitness in the gym. Which is always good, but not the same as hiking up the side of a hill with an amazing view. The view at my gym rarely offers anything to be remotely desired. My guy actually did the tread climber machine I normally do and he stuck with it for 45 minutes, as I typically do. He was saying all the way home, that machine kicked my ass! lol

Saturday evening we went out with some very good friends for diner in the Marina. Then went Halloween Costume shopping which was more than fun, just trying all sorts of costumes on.

A co-worker was walking down the hall with a home grown zucchini. I could not resist asking "Whatcha gonna do with that?" Which should be asked of anyone carrying a big thick and long thing like a zucchini. lol. He giggled and handed me the zucchini saying "I am passing them out." So, I took it home and made Zucchini bread and yum oh yum is it good, if I do say so myself.

Also saw two films over the weekend. History Boys and Boy Culture. Both great films. History boys is far more intellectual. Boy Culture is a cute film starting one of the guys from Noah's Arc on Logo.


K said...

I love how you cleverly worked in Fergie Ferg into this post. Haha!

dit said...

lol, I did I did. You could be the witness! Ha!

tyler said...

history boys is tragic.
mcconnel's pumpkin ice cream: buy
also: pumpkin cookies and pumpkin cake.
i'm hungry right now but too tired to move.
have a good night.
if i couldn't run outside i would shoot myself. sorry that you are smoke logged.

Christopher said...

All this talk about zuchinni breads & pumpkin ice creams and other carb loaded shit is forcing me to make a run to my local bakery!!...and my muffin top can't afford that!

The Balunky Journals said...

i want your recipe for zucchini bread!! last night i cooked a scrumptious pumkin risotto, but italians just dont appreciate halloween :(

Sterling G. Smith said...

Girl...I need your recipe for Zucchini bread.
Can't wait to see pictures of your costume!

dit said...

I will post the recipe for the Zucchini bread soon. I must say, it's pretty good. lol