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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How much is that Dalí in that Wilshire Window?

Salvador Dalí exhibit is coming to Los Angeles (LACMA)

October 14 – January 6

In case you have not heard. If you are a Salvador Dalí fan and either live in or are planning on visiting Los Angeles some of his work will soon be on display. I know I am excited to see this exhibit.

Throughout his life and career, renowned surrealist Salvador Dalí maintained a deep connection with film as an artistic medium. He collaborated with movie greats such as Luis Buñuel, Alfred Hitchcock, and Walt Disney, and created works influenced by Cecil B. De Mille and the Marx Brothers. Dalí: Painting & Film, coming to Los Angeles, the epicenter of film, aims to illustrate the cinematic influences and elements that are present in Dalí's work as well as the contribution he made to cinema. The exhibition brings together a variety of key pieces from Dalí's oeuvre, incorporating painting, film, photography, sculpture, and texts.


tyler said...

cool: i'm a lacma member so i will be thee to see this.

dit said...

Yes, I will renew a membership to see this exhibit.