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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

Our trip to Las Vegas was great. We had a great time. It was not that bad a drive once we got out of the LA city areas that seem to go on forever. Leaving Thursday night around 5:30 pm and we arrived in Las Vegas at 11:13.

On the way to Las Vegas there is a small town that is in the Mohave desert called Baker. For years we have stopped, fueled up and giggled about the "Bun Boy" Restaurant and Motel. Unfortunately, it has been purchased by Bob's big boy and the name has changed. I did find a few remnant signs.

Vegas was great, as always. Sensory overload. Lights, sounds, people, food, gambling and booze. Those people who stand along the boulevard snapping the stripper/escort cards. We really did not find much other sin that what is listed.

I love the desert, it is so amazing to me.

We actually did quite well gambling. Yeah. Just playing slot machines. Enjoy the images.


tyler said...

the bunsie-boy: yup one of my favorite places to have a bun burger!
i also love the largest thermometer in the world in baker, california? was it still there?

dit said...

yeah, the largest thermometer is still there. My best memory of that is driving through one night at midnight and it still reading 96 degrees. Now, that is hot!

eliot said...

hey, those are some sweet pics. welcome back.

Troystopher said...

love the vegas... take me next time!

Tim in Italy said...

It use to be that the only time I went to Vegas was to work. We did a ton of Donnie and Marie shows there because, a bit of Vegas trivia here, most of the casino security guards are Mormon, because they are considered the most trustworthy. But then Pete and I went out one Thanksgiving week-end after not talking for most of the summer. Now I love the place! Glad you had a good time. You seem like a great guy.

dit said...

Thank you eliot

Anytime Troystopher, anytime.

Thank you for the interesting trivia and the compliment, tim in italy.

tyler said...

i'm still waiting for the photo of your package...what's up w/dat?

sexy said...