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Monday, November 5, 2007

Service and Slots

Greetings! We had a really fun and spontaneous weekend. Friday night was uneventful, we went to the gym and hung out at home. Saturday, we went to Santa Monica to have the Saab looked at. It said "Needs Service" and I was like . . . "Jeez! Who doesn't." lol So they pushed a button or something cause nothing was really wrong with it.

Saturday evening we were feeling restless, so we drove out to Temecula to the Pechanga Resort and Casino. There must have been some sort of Marine graduation ceremony or something going on because there were all this young marines walking around in full Marine uniforms. I felt very bad for them given the current situation and where they most likely will be going to try and stay alive.

After walking around some We found the penny slots and sat down. I liked this one that had some silly rabbit on it. The next thing I know it is all a buzz and won $400.00! Whoo Hoo! Then I started playing this slot machine called "Honey Pot" and won another $200.00. My man was not doing as well as he normally does on the slot machines, so we went home. We went with 300 in our pockets and came home with 600. No bad.

Sunday, I went to help a friend go shopping and we found her some pretty amazing outfits. Hope your weekend was fantastic too.


The Balunky Journals said...

ooh i could use some of that luck right now... way to go!!

dit said...

I'll share it with you via blog posting. Thanks, we had a fun time.

sexy said...