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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Stars and Balls

Tuesday night Jewels and I had a chance to go see the Los Angeles Lakers vs the New Orleans Hornets. The Hornets ultimately won the game. We had a great time, our seats were fantastic! On the floor and only 6 rows from the court. A friend was not able to use the tickets, so we got this great opportunity.

There were quite a few celebrities there and a great time was had. Enjoy the images.

This was the few from our seats.

Penny Marshall was also ready to enjoy the game.

So was Jack Nicholson!

Then the players came out.

Then we noticed Andy Garcia.

And Bruce Willis with Jeffrey Katzenberg (Dreamworks)

Love those Laker Girls, they know how to shake it, no?

Then they played some more, Kobe made a shot.

And played some more.

Then Jack Nicholson and Bruce Willis needed to talk. Probably about the Writers Strike.

Bruce had to go, so Jesse Jackson came to talk with Jack.

The game ended and Penny Marshall was excited and waited to greet David Arquette.

Then, Penny Marshall gave me some serious stink eye. lol

And we called it a night and walked to our automobile.


Yvespaul said...

Nice seats you've got. Glad you had fun.

tyler said...

cool experience, ditman!

The Balunky Journals said...

ur worse than a paparazzi! :)

K said...

Jealous....always wanted seats that good to an NBA game.

One of these days1

Tim in Italy said...

My hand/eye coordination is such that I was once run over by a car being pushed by 2 guys, so basketball never much caught on with me. But I have been invited to games where we sat in one of the corporate boxes and I really enjoyed it. It's not so much the game as the spectacle.

FitnessNerd said...

Great Pics!

I wish I enjoyed NBA basketball more, but they are just a bunch of whiney millionaires, more so than any other sport, it seems.

I always take free tickets though :-)

dit said...

lol, funny thing is. I really did not care who won. Basketball is not my thing either, but the night was so much fun.

sexy said...