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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A most bizarre moment

My boss came to my desk looking as if they had just spent the last ten minutes crying. Leaned on the side of my cubi-hell and said . . . .

"My computer used to notify me when I received an email with a ping. Yesterday, I got no notification sound at all, just a visual indication, a flash in the corner. So I can not be somewhere else and know if I got an email. Today, I am getting a sound, but it is not the same as it used to be. Do you know how I can fix this?"

I told them I would go to their office and have a look. After following them into their office, I showed them where the options were and they chose another sound in the apple preferences. Then we went into the Entourage prefs and they listened to the already selected sound and smiled as they said "That is fine, I like that sound."

I left the room and all is right with their world. A very odd moment.


Sterling G. Smith said...

I deleted that horrible sound years ago. It would "ding" and I would drop whatever I was doing and run to see the latest scam mail from the Kenyan president who wanted me to send him $72,000.
But...good for you, your boss likes you.

The Balunky Journals said...

bizzare, random moments that make the day pass better!