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Monday, February 11, 2008

Tacos, Mariachi and a baking frenzy

Over the weekend we had some fun and I did some baking. Saturday night we went to dinner with some friends to a Mexican food restaurant, the food was very good. As we were enjoying our food a 11 piece Mariachi Band got on stage and started playing. It was a very nice surprise.

Sunday I woke up and started baking. I made chocolate chip cookies and a Strawberry Coffee Cake.

The Cookies

The Strawberry Coffee Cake

Next time come over and have a piece already! Oh go on. lol


Steven said...

The strawberry coffee cake simply looks divine. Time for me to have dinner. ;-)

Uncle Gerry said...

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement over at blog, I gather strength from my readers so your words are much appreciated. Now where are my cookies?

Sue said...

Cookies look so yummy. said...

Bakery. A way to a man's heart.

Laurie said...

MMMMM! Strawberry coffee cake!
Will you send me the recipe please.
I'd like to try to make that.

TWISI said...

that looks tasty!

Ryan said...

looks very yummy! i love mexican food btw hehe!

K said...

Ugh.....ur food posts always make me so damn hungry!