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Monday, April 28, 2008

Dry, Hot Mondays

I hope this finds everyone doing and feeling well rested after a relaxing weekend. Mine was rather uneventful. Los Angeles was quite warm also. I think the car's temperature gauge registered 96 degrees at one point, which is hot for the Westside. I hiked Runyon on Saturday and Sunday.

These Palm tress line the street on my way to hike Runyon.

Look at this amazing city.

Cactus seem to be about to bloom.

wasted love . . . .

I love this house.

Sunday after hiking, I headed over to Beverly hills to do a little looking around. Got a really yummy fresh lemon aid from a very handsome man in one of the restaurants.

Darned traffic

Beverly Hills is always so pretty

Urban Blight!

Utility versus Luxury?

Sunday afternoon, a friend and I biked to the beach. Sunday night we returned to the Marina for dinner and to watch the sunset.

The Agapanthus flowers are in bloom.

I hope your weekend was great too.


Laurie said...

mmmmmmm boat mmmmmmmm

Yeah, I'm a water baby.
My Saturday was spent in Denton.
The view there isn't as pretty as
the one you saw.

Glad you got to relax though.
The next time you get to relax will
you do it for me too please :)


Lewis said...

Fantastic expose on the human, and less human, side of LA (well, life in general, actually). I love the Utility vs. Luxury deal....and the Urban Blight poke. And I really loved that you biked to the LA? How cool is that. I think you'd fit into Portland perfectly well. And, I'm loving that watch of yours.

Rick said...

Great photo op. Thanks for sharing. I especially like the crane parked next to the car.

You make me want to visit Souther Cal.

WAT said...

I had a nice weekend thank you. Love the pictures as usual of good ole' L.A. and the shot of u driving is great.

I saw that wildfire up in Sierra Madre on Saturday! My friend and I were in Montebello at the mall and from that vantage point could see the wall of pretty flames.

K said...

Im so glad you drive a Saab. You are clearly a sensible guy!

sexy said...