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Monday, April 7, 2008

Hikes, bikes and doves of peace

This past weekend was very good, although . . . . I did miss my better half. Saturday morning, I woke up, enjoyed coffee and the magazines then hiked Runyon Canyon twice and got a great workout. I still feel it in my legs.

After, I stopped at the grocery and went home, showered then started making banana bread. Yum Yum. I made 8 loaves, took some to a few friends and also brought some in to share with co-workers.

Sunday, I was inside watching TV when I heard a noise come from outside. I went out to see what all the commotion was when I saw my cat playing with this bird. The poor bird was flapping its wings running like crazy. My cat got it in his mouth, so I grabbed the back of my cats neck and forced him to let the bird go. Turns out the bird was a baby Dove that was most likely being taught how to fly. I say my cat was "Playing" with the bird because I trust if he wanted to kill the bird he would have. Later I got this image of the dove resting in the sun. It was kind of hiding in some nearby flowers. You can see him under the yellow flowers.

Then, after that trauma, a friend came over and we biked to the beach then went for dinner. I was craving garlic bread, so we went to an Italian restaurant near our place. Food was ok, not great and I doubt we will go back again. I need great and for the place not to smell like dirty mop water. Ewwww! Lol

Enjoy the pics, hope your weekend was grand also.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos as always, Dave! I love the photos with the vistas and skylines behind the flowers. Eight loaves of bread? Wow! The house must be smelling very tasty. Maybe bring some to the restaurant so that it doesn't smell like mop water anymore? ;-)

dit said...

Thanks afod, Yeah, 8 loaves, lol can you believe it. Crazy no. Yeah, no more dirty mop water smell. Eww, stinky. lol

Hamilton said...

wow... what a tender moment.

WAT said...

Runyon Canyon is so gorgeous! Love it there! Great pics! Banana loaf bread is soooooo delicious, I can't wait to try a slice of yours sometime! Am I flirting there? LOL

Laurie said...

MMMMMMM! Food! I love banana
bread. My mom made some for
us. I think I'll have me a piece

Mogul Mind said...

I am amazed by all that flour can create. I made some bread for the first time a few weeks ago. I was surprised by all the steps involved.

derek said...

loving your blog, you share the beauty of the west coast so well, I'm an east coast guy!