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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Growing List of Joys, Memories, and Realizations.

Todays posting is a growing list of joys, memories, and realizations in my life. I was inspired by LifeSerial. His list is amazing and reminds us to think of all the beautiful moments we have and will have.

1) While living in Pasadena, California the Peacocks from the Arboretum would fly into our yard and eventually onto the roof. Peacocks have the most amazing call.

2) Driving up Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible.

3) Walking to school I would hear Latin music coming from some of the houses. It made me happy that not everyone was “just like” my family.

4) Running the streets of NYC at 3 am in the rain with Bradley.

5) Jumping into the water and tranquil blue pacific waters of Hawaii.

6) I love Palm trees.

7) Baking a cake and calling friends over to eat it.

8) Sailing alone out onto the pond in Cape Cod with my Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall 8 track tape playing. I felt so grown up and independent.

9) Being listed as a VIP in a Tokyo nightclub at 19 years old and sitting next to Vanessa Williams (just after her de-crowning as Ms. America).

10) Driving through the desert at night in a convertible. The Desert has this amazing and unique fragrance at night.

11) Realizing that my Mothers approval was never arriving.

12) Being in my friend’s hot surfer brothers bedroom hearing Rock music for the first time. Smiling from ear to ear and thinking WOW! This is more than cool!

13) Jumping up and down on the beds in a Hotel room with my niece.

14) Walking in Palm Springs at night when it is still 96 degrees.

15) Sitting in the back seat of my parent’s American luxury sedan, as we drove past the “Now entering Texas” sign, I would let out a heavy sigh and scream “two days of this!” But, once we got to our cousins house in Dallas, which was only one day of the two. I could not wait to go to the country club and see those big strong high school life guards at the pool.

16) Sitting in a hot tub, then jumping into a swimming pool.


Christopher said...

Great list!! I especially like the last item!

Lewis said...

I'm really loving that driving through the desert at night thing. It sounds wonderful! And your post reminded me of one that I did a while back:

Laurie said...

I scream when I see the
'Now entering Texas' sign too.
Only because that means I'm not
in Colorado anymore :(

#16! YES! We do that in the summer.
We go back and forth.

8 track tapes. Man, I remember
those like it was yesterday...
Those were the days. The carefree
no worries times.

Wonder what happened....


Anonymous said...

You're old enough to have had a Michael Jackson 8 track?! And here I thought you were so young! ;-) I remember a similar feeling/experience when I was given the Saturday Night Fever sountrack on 8-track. Was #11 a hard realization to accept? Nice list!

dit said...

Christopher - Thanks for the compliment. Yeah, me too.

lewis - that is a nice list you have also.

laurie - lol. I do not think I have ever been to Colorado.

afod, - Girl! I am 42, almost 43! lol. Yes, number 11, was not at all easy, but, once I accepted it. Things are much easier now.

Anonymous Blogger said...

driving pacific coast highway is my favorite!

WAT said...

"Being in my friend’s hot surfer brothers bedroom hearing Rock music for the first time. Smiling from ear to ear and thinking WOW! This is more than cool!"

Hmmm, was it the rock music or the dude that made it cool? Or both? Or the pot? LOL.

kookla@work said...

Sitting in great seats at The Hollywood Bowl with my two favorite men. You and Rufus Wainwright!