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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One Hot Mess! - Love it!

Murakami's $4M Jack-off Cartoon
Artist and designer of the now-iconic Vuitton handbags, Takashi Murakami, is auctioning off several pieces in Sotheby's upcoming spring auctions. The most valuable, estimated between $3-4 million, is a sculpture of a manga dude, um, "ejaculating in lasso-like form," titled "My Lonesome Cowboy." Hey, it's not NSFW if it's art.


Laurie said...

Art....K' I can see that.....I
wouldn't ever want to be in the
way of a man really lettin loose
a load like that.


Rick said...

$4M load. Now that's something.

kookla@work said...

For that much, I would rather just pay for the real thing!

Dick Pics said...

i wonder if i could commission a dildo from this guy....