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Monday, June 23, 2008

Hot ones!

Even a Lizard knew it was gonna be a hot one. lol

Hello everyone, I hope this finds you in good spirits and doing well. This weekend was very relaxing, Saturday, I got up early and hiked. I was there to hike by 8:00 am. Good thing, I hiked Runyon Canyon twice and after, the temperatures were really starting to climb. So, I drove home and dove into the pool. Then did not leave the house until after dark. Too darned hot.

Sunday, took care of some domestic stuff, swam and staid inside. Played some Grand Theft Auto and made Chicken with a lemon caper sauce with a side of asparagus for dinner.

I hope you weekend was fun and relaxing too.


Laurie said...

LIZARD!! There's this kid that's
one of our maintainance guys at my
work and one day he was having
lunch with us and he was sitting
next to me (he's a cutie) and out
of the blue he said 'Trees taste
like lizards' (or was it 'Lizards
taste like trees'?) Well,I can't
remember because I was laughing so
hard. He just blurts things out
like that. Funny that way.

Wish I could go swimming :( I'm
mom taxi for band camps and go
over to friends house and so forth.
I don't like people to see me in
my swimsuit.


Hamilton said...

dit. T_T , I am so down, the love of my life is straight.

Anthony said...

I hope you keep this good weather up for me when I'm in LA next week!

WAT said...

Oh yes, I remember last weekend as being hot too.