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Monday, June 2, 2008

Whirlwind weekends

Hello all,

This past week was a whirl wind. Monday we returned home from Arizona. Thursday was My better halves Birthday. We continued to celebrate his Birthday on Friday night.

Caged Beauty.

Saturday, I met a friend at Runyon Canyon. She showed me another trail to hike. It is longer and takes you all the way up to Mulholland Drive.

The Hollywood Hills have all these unique homes, just sitting on the hillside.

Below the hillsides rest the canyons.

This home is rumored to sit on the property just off Mulholland Drive that once belonged to Errol Flynn. Many believe it is cursed, It was built and has sat unoccupied for many years.

This old Airstream trailer sits upon the hill with amazing views. Someone actually lives in it.

Saturday afternoon I stopped and bought some Peonies. Probably one of my favorite flowers.

Saturday night we joined some friends to see the film Sex and the City. Going in, Being that I love the fashion and the cosmopolitan lifestyle, I had no expectations, other than to see some great fashion and New York City. I found it odd that the sound microphone from filming appears in so much of the film. I was surprised no one noticed this during a screening and did not take the time to have it edited out. I was able to ignore it pretty quickly. Overall, We all really enjoyed it. Jennifer Hudson does a great job and looks great also.

Sunday, my better half and I got up and hiked Runyon again. We both hiked it two times. So, we worked our fitness.

Sunday night we decided to go see the latest Indian Jones movie. It was corney, silly, adventurous and entertaining.

This is what the Hulk looks like when he grab his JUNK! loll

I hope you had a great weekend too. If not, you know you are always welcome to join us.


YvesPaul said...

Nice pictures again! I also saw very nice peonies in the supermarket and the same hulk statue in a comic book convention.

Laurie said...

Love the flowers! Would also LOVE
to hike those hills.

So, you found my car...I've been
trying to get it out of that cage
for a while now but with no luck :(
They just won't give it to me now
I have to drive my big ole truck :)
My first vehicle was a '78 GMC
JIMMY. I had it for 12 almost 13

WAT said...

Beautiful flowers! I just hiked past that house myself about threee months ago. Interesting history on it thanks!

Lewis said...

Peonies are right on the top of my list too...definitely. Along with lilacs.

robert78 said...

gorgeous shots!

afod said...

You must have been exhausted after all that partying and hiking the new trails. Great photos of the weekend activities. The macro shots of the peonies are beautiful.

Christian said...

You have a dirty mind.