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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thrilling Thursday

Amazing how quickly this week has flown by. It has been an eventful one too, hasn't it? We had an earthquake and (insert drum roll) I have officially lost 1/2 a pound on this diet! Whoo hoo! Yes, it is not much . . . But I'll take it.

Ok, get ready, here are the latest photos of Cooper. He sure is growing fast. Maybe this is where my lost 1/2 pound went to? Ha!

I have been watching Project Runway on Bravo this season. Was sad to see Westly go. But I must ask, am I the only one who thinks Blayne is adorable? His personality and that smile? Plus he went to the same school I did, Art institute of Seattle.

I hope everyone is having a great day and looking forward to a fun weekend.


Laurie said...

He's just a snuggle!!! Looks
like he's fake. Ya know, like a
soft stuffed pillow.


dit said...

laurie - isn't he? What a great word to describe him. Hugs back at ya!

Jim said...

I want another baby. (which totally means puppy.)

Diederick said...

What cute dog! I'm going to have two when I grow up (when I settle down), probably larger and more Labrador-like than this one.

Though he's adorable...

dit said...

jim, - Ha! for a second I thought you and Lyle were thinking about adopting a pocket gay. lol

diederick, - I agree, he is cute. I am told he is very smart too. Blayne is pretty smart too and Sassy! Whoo Hoo!

WAT said...

Cooper looks awesome. I wish I could hug and squeeze him so.

Don't watch these reality shows. I just let that lovable Joel McHale sum them up for me on THE SOUP! HAHA!

dit said...

wat, - Cooper is just scrumptious! I may have to make a trip up north to see him. Hey, Joel McHale is pretty cute and talk about personality!

tyler said...

i always watch project runway. cooper is ok: very strange though.
looks like he's fake? lol. yeah he looks like he is an alien.
do you watch "flipping out?" jeff lewis is out of his mind!

Anthony said...

So adorable :-) The dog's cute, too! ;-)

Rick said...

Cooper is so adorable. Give him a hug for me.

"Just David!" said...

that's officially the most adorable dog i've ever seen!!

madhouse 6 said...

the pup is adorable.
blayne is not. he freaks me out (and his design is not good).

but back to cooper, give him a belly rub for me. sweet pup.