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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good Morning!

I hope everyone is in good spirits today. Last night, for dinner we grilled chicken with lime and sea salt, made a Salad and also sliced Zucchini, placed low fat feta on top and baked it. The Spiderwick chronicles was actually a nice film. Picked it up as an alternative to the other two films we rented, turns out, I liked it the best. We also rented Vantage point and Jumpers. Jumpers was not bad, Vantage point was ok. lol

Woke up in a good mood this morning, fed the cat, poured myself a cup of coffee and sat down to turn on the TV. That guy was on there babbling again, could not take it so I turned off the TV and opened a magazine. I understand many feel he is the best president ever, and yes, I have heard of the 77 year theory. You know, the one in which approximately every 77 years we have a really good president? Washington, Lincoln, Truman and Dubya? I just can not listen to him, it is similar to finger nails on a chalk board or the screeching of brakes before the car hits you. The morning show I typically watch will often say "Oh, he is babbling, if you wish to hear it, we are streaming it live via the internet." and move on. For some reason they did not do that today. Anyway . . . .

Not much going on for me. So today's post will be rather random.

Ok, here is another personal plate, what do you suppose this means? What a sexy old Porsche this is, eh?

What is on your list of things to do today?


Laurie said...

Yeah! I missed my Price is Right
because of that (insert word here).
It's because of him that we are in
the state that we are. You know it
isn't anything to him because we
tax payers are the ones paying for
his gas and groceries. We also
paid for his daughters wedding! I
didn't get an ivitation did you?

Sorry, I didn't mean to go off on
a rant about it.

So glad you're in a great mood!


Michael Guy said...

How come my 'original blow job' didn't get me a sassy Porsche? I was lucky to get much needed pots and pans.

::makes a mean lasagna, folks::

Not much on my 'to do' list today. I need to book airline for a quickie business trip and read a few executive summaries on employment branding. And it's 90+ here today, too!

Faux Pas blog said...

Speaking of vanity plates, I've seen these in SD:

dit said...

laurie, - lol. cant he just get a mirror and try to speak into that? lol No worries here.

Michael Guy, - That car is so sexy. I bet you do make a mean lasagna.
Hmm, what is employment branding?

faux pas blog, - interesting. At least they know what they are. Hopefully they have met. lol

Christopher said...

I'm busy at work today, planning a future Vegas trip....these license plates just come to you don't they?!

dit said...

christopher, how fun! I love Vegas.

These plates have lately, typically I do not notice them. Last week, it was like wow! so many. lol

YvesPaul said...

So even South Beach diet can be that exciting, eh? Sounds like you're a good cook. :)

I can never stand Dubya or news in general. The only time I don't mind listening to him babble is when Jon Stewart makes fun of him.

WAT said...

I thought these kinds of plates were not allowed?!

Anthony said...

Clean the house :-)