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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good Morning

Good Morning to each of you. I hope this finds you in good spirits. On some levels, I feel as if I have been not posting as often as I should lately. Life has become rather busy, with work and other things. Turns out, it looks as if we are getting a new computer, Apple, of course.

Also, we are going to Las Vegas this weekend. Driving to stay at a friends place. Seems their next-door neighbor is an auto collector and looking to sell a 1988 Mercedes 560SL. Dark Blue with Palomino interior. These are the exact colors I have been wishing for. It also has rather low mileage for an 88. He has only 80 - 90 thousand Miles on him. This beauty comes with two tops, a removable hard top and a soft top (flaccid, flaccid, flaccid). Please insert all gay sex jokes here.

Anyway, we still need to test drive him and see if he will fit. lol

Most importantly, I want to say hello to everyone and know that I will be back soon to all your blogs.

Best wishes, stay safe and always remember, you are appreciated.



Lewis said...

I thought that all transportation sources were "girls" in English? but, of course, being gays, we want only BOYS living with us. And, gettting older, I come with two SOFT tops too.

Tim in Italy said...

I had a 1980 450SL for several years. I loved that car. Certainly made for the Autobahn - very fast in a straight line. Then I moved to Palm Springs and the mix of 100 degree heat and German heritage made it a very unhappy camper. Still it was a head turner... you know, like... um, me.

Anthony said...

Happy Labor Day! Enjoy Vegas, you lucky thing!

"Just David!" said...

we'll want pics of course!!!

beatpunk said...

Have fun in Las Vegas!

tyler said...

it's gonna be nice and hot in lv, innit?
have fun and just fuckin' buy the sounds really cool and perfect for drives up the 101 to sb, heh?

Laurie said...

Sounds like a nice car. You gonna
take pics of it?

Vegas BABY!! Do a little gambling
for me!


Anonymous said...

There is life outside of blogland. We'll be here when you come back to visit. Sounds like someone might be driving home by himself after Las Vegas....just remember to put the top down on the drive back. Have fun in Las Vegas.