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Friday, October 24, 2008

Good Morning from Las Vegas

Good morning, I hope everyone is having a brilliant Friday. The sun is bright in Las Vegas today. It's not too hot here though, which is nice. Take care and have an amazing weekend.

Take care, dit


Laurie said...

Hey while you're there sleep in for
me please :) I won't be able to :(
Like it comes as a surprise to
anyone anymore...


Anthony said...

Enjoy! Hope you win a little something, too!

tyler said...

play roulette: 8 is my licky number. also don;t forget to always play two chips between the zero and double zero.
have a groovy time.

tyler said...

lol: 8 is also my lUcky number as well as my licky one.

Michael Guy said...

HAVE a fun time...or "hope you HAD a fun time!"

And note to TYLER: I don't have a 'lucky' or 'licky' number of late. :)

dit said...

laurie, - I did slep in. Was nice.

anthony, - Thank you, I did both. lol

tyler, I will have to try roulette sometime. I've never played that before. I don't have a lucky or a licky number either. 8-) Maybe I should get one.

Michael, I did have a blast. Was great seeing my family also.