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Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin carving and pie eating

Hello everyone. I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Ours was extra nice. Saturday, I hiked and it was an exceptionally beautiful day. We had clouds in Los Angeles and it was very clear.

Saturday night was sort of uneventful. I made pie crust and we hung out and relaxed.

Sunday morning, after some coffee and enjoying the paper I baked a Peach and a Pear pie. I also made a fall favorite, of ours, Butternut Squash soup. Some friends were coming over to carve Pumpkins later in the afternoon. So, I thought we might enjoy some pie too.

A Pirate ship . . . ARRRRRRRR! Lol

Sppoooky! BOO!

Hope you had a fun weekend too.

Best wishes, Dit


Diederick said...

Wow! Those pumpkins looked SO good! Very original.

Stan said...

If I dared displayed any of those pumpkins outside here in NJ, they would surely get smashed by kids.

YvesPaul said...

Such creativity, the season has prompt me to bake more as well.

dit said...

diederick, Thank you. We had fun carving them.

Stan, - Awe, drats those pumpkin smashing children! lol

yvespaul, bake, bake my friend. I love the feeling of accomplishment I get from baking.

Christopher said...

I am lusting after and want that stove, the pies on the stove, the Creuset pot....and your little dog too!

WAT said...

The whole damn FALL/Halloween spirit is awesome sir. I'm liking the pics a lot. Look at those pies! Mmmmmmmmmmm! And the pumpkins look muy professional. I'm impressed. You must have a nice happy-looking tidy home.

Laurie said...

Fancy!!! I don't have the patience
to do ours that creativly...I just
scoop out the goop and let the boy
do what he wants....

OH THE PIES! mmmmmmmmmmmm
I just gained 5 pounds looking at
the pics!


dit said...

Christopher, - Thank you. We had a blast. Maybe we should host a blogger dinner? hmm, now my brain is thinking.

wat, - Thank you also. Our friend purchased a book with templates for $6.00. We each chose one and look what happened. Really simple.

laurie, - That is what our friend said too. His turned out like all professional looking. I wish I could send you a pie.

Jim said...

Jeez Louise, MARTHA!

Anonymous said...

You are so talented!

bridgeout said...

I am jealous times TWO!! Beautiful clever pumpkins... AND delicious pies??? My grandma was an expert at pie making... if only I would have had the patience to learn from her! :)


dit said...

Jim, - Thank you for the compliment. I could never attempt to do what you just did to your fireplace. That, looks amazing!

photogreg, - Thank you for the compliments. You have many talents too.

Bridgeout, - amazing, I had wanted to make a pie since age 12. Was scared I would never ever get the crust right. Everyone tells me it is wonderful. So, my dear. Bake away! Give it a go!

Anthony said...

You are one creative guy! THey are fantastic :-) Can't wait to see your Christmas tree :-)