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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunsets and Beaches

WOW! Its been a fast weekend. Eh? I have been in the mood to go to the beach, which is odd, being as it has been so cold here. Here are a few photos from this weekend.

I have forced a few bulbs, here are the first to bloom.

Saturday, I headed to the beach . . .

As the sun was setting, I headed over to Venice Beach.

So, what did you do this past weekend? Relax after all the holiday parties and family things? Or did you have an adventure? Do tell, we all want to know. Go on, you know you want to share!


Laurie said...

I didn't do much of anything this
past weekend...One of Josh's
friends got kicked out of his house
for a few days and stayed with us.
I know that NEXT weekend I will
try to pants that HOTTIE in the
black shorts....
Wanna help :)


Diane said...

Are those paperwhites? Mine are blooming and smell divine.

I walked along the beach at Bolsa Chica.

Happy New Year, dit!

dit said...

Laurie, That is so sweet of you to take a friend in. Oh . . those guys were FINE! lol. Playin on the monkey bars.

Diane, - Yes, Paperwhites. These smell good too. Ahhh, Bolsa Chica, I used to go there as a kid. So pretty. Happy New Year to you also.

WAT said...

You do know which is my fav pic now don't you? I MEAN, WOW!



Stan said...

People on the west coast kill me complaining of the cold when it drops into the 40's? LOL!

Michael Guy said...

J'adore PAPERWHITES...nothing like that fragrance. Maybe I'll pick some up myself!

Love that black-shorted hottie. Yowsah!