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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hidden Los Angeles Gems

Good Morning,

In this amazing and beautiful city of Los Angeles there are a few hidden spots that I adore. One is the Century City Plaza Hotel, a beautiful example of Mid-Century Modern architecture and a real hidden gem. As you walk through the lobby, past the bar and continue out the back doors, you will be on the hotel grounds. They have tables and chairs set up with an amazing view of West Los Angeles. The hotel sits on a hill, you might never know it unless you were to walk into this tropical Los Angeles style paradise. A few times I've gone our party was the only one on the patio. Extra nice at sunset.

It is in the works to have this hotel torn down and replaced with a few new skyscrapers. So, I plan on going soon to enjoy this hidden spot a few more times, at least while it is still an option.


Anonymous said...

It looks like a really nice place
to stay :)



A Lewis said...

Those were the glory days of travel....the nice hotels and all that went with them. I miss that piece of our history.

tyler said...

hey ditman:
i am back and writing. i do love the century plaza hotel or used to when i lived in la.
isn't part of it now a boutique hotel?
i hope all is well with you.