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Monday, April 20, 2009

Things to ponder

I hope everyone is doing well, relaxed and smiling after this weekend. Friday night we came home to a beautiful surprise, flowers from a friend.

Saturday, as I enjoyed my coffee and flipped through the morning paper, certain things stand out.

President Obama calls for new start with Cuba. How cool would it be to go to Cuba? Perhaps see it as it has in a way been preserved for all these years. I am 43 and whatever was done by either side to stop all ties happened before I was aware.

"The Valley" is now having to split area codes. Like Manhattan, the West side of Los Angeles and others before them. Know all will be well. Others have survived this area code status symbol change. LOL

Lovers' tombs may be found. They may have found Cleopatra and Mark Anthony's tombs. What an amazing tribute to love, and turmoil. But we will focus on the love. Love that makes me think of my better half. 8-)

There seem to be several Estate Auctions . . . A sign of the times, I suppose. Not surprising after reading an earlier headline "unemployment in California 11.2%." as I read the list of items to be auctioned, some items are listed in bold, others. . . Just listed. Each item was purchased for a reason, perhaps a birthday, a symbol of love, or simply you are special and i love you. I wonder about the people that smiled and loved in this Estate that is now up for auction. Where they are now.

"General Motors may be forced into Bankruptcy" . . . What happened to the company that produced the cars my grandparents and their fathers adored? My grandparents always drove Cadillacs, Oh they were so proud to say and felt like they had arrived when they arrived in that luxury automobile. The cars were large, did not make any economical or environmental sense. They also loved Chevrolet. The world will be fine without these automobiles. Something more for the museums I guess.

The heat is coming. Yeah, it's supposed to be in the high 70's at the beach. I start thinking of the smiles of summer, about planning beach picnics and warm summer evenings poolside.

Time for another cup of coffee, pet the cat and think how we should spend this, still early but brilliant day. Oh . A hold on, better half is awake. Yeah!

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Those flowers look absolutely amazing! Now who wouldn't cheer up once you receive such a lovely bouquet? I personally love flowers because they never fail to brighten my day :)