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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Open up those Golden Gates, San Francisco!

So . . . Last weekend we decided to drive to San Francisco to visit some out of town guests. We drove out of Los Angeles and into California's Central Valley, full of agriculture and beauty.

As we arrived into San Francisco the city sparkled and welcomed us, as did our favorite San Francisco hotel.

On Saturday I went out in search of coffee and to enjoy the city.

Then, we all drove to the Napa Valley to see the vineyards and wineries.

After wine tasting and a wonderful day, we headed back into the city.

Sunday morning, in search of coffee and sights, ventured out to enjoy the city.

After our walk and coffee, we were off to greet the boat that would take us to Alcatraz.

Once we escaped from Alcatraz, we walked the San Francisco piers and enjoyed some seafood at Fisherman's wharf.

Later, Sunday afternoon we pointed our car back toward Los Angeles and headed home through the sea of golden hills.

We sure enjoyed our adventure up the central valley and into the Golden Gates. I hope you enjoyed this sampling of the sights we enjoyed. If you ever get an opportunity, visit San Francisco, so much to see, do and enjoy.


Anonymous said...


Those are some wonderful pictures
there...I was gonna kid ya about
escaping but you beat me to it...
That guard looked pretty easy to
get around...

Glad you enjoyed!



dit said...

Laurie - You are too cute! Thank you for the compliments. Big Hugs to you too. 8-)

YvesPaul said...

I love SF. Too bad it's so expensive to live there.

A Lewis said...

I had never been to Alcatraz until a few years back. What an amazing piece of land!

beatpunk said...

I'm so jealous. It's incredible that you did the city, the wineries and Alcatraz all in the same day! Keep well, dit!