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Monday, August 10, 2009

Hikes, bread and dentists

I hope this finds everyone in good spirits and enjoying late Summer. I've been a hiking fool, this past weekend I hiked Runyon Canyon twice. Once on Saturday morning and once on Sunday. So, it was a busy weekend. I also went to the dentist and had two wisdom teeth pulled! OUCH! But it wasn't too bad, I was lucky I guess.

Sunday, I also baked this zucchini bread with a big zucchini that a co-worker had grown in his garden.

which reminds me of a story. A while ago I worked in a tall sky scraper in Downtown Los Angeles. A lady friend of mine who is an African American was in the elevator holding a big zucchini. I got into the elevator and said in a smirking tone "Whatcha gonna do with that?" she turned 3 shades of red and exited the elevator the next exit, even though it was not her floor. She called me later and we laughed. I always think of that moment, her and giggle a little whenever I bake Zucchini bread.

Have also been hiking almost every night. Then watching the amazing sunsets.

Have a wonderful day, I hope someone or something makes you giggle too.


Anonymous said...

Ah...I would love to be able to
step out my door and right onto
a nice hiking trail...We have
walking paths around but the hubby
won't let me walk those...He thinks
something will happen to me HA!
I'm way to fat to get kidnapped...


TACKLE YOU HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!


dit said...

You are too cute Laurie and that is what he worries about. Take a friend with you? have a great day and a big hug back. - Dit

A Lewis said...

I think I'd like to slice a piece of that bread, broil it in the oven until a bit browned,and then top it with some berries of some sort and a dollop of almond or cinnamon cream.

Anonymous said...

You just made me giggle. =)

dit said...

A Lewis - what a great idea, that sounds delicious!

photogreg - glad I could make you giggle. I'm giggling again too.

WAT said...

Wisdom teeth! EEK! I remember mine being pulled around '97. UGH!