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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

It's early here on the left coast. Its very cool and crisp poolside with blue skies this morning, but will supposedly reach a warm 80 degrees this afternoon. Just grabbed the paper, fed the cat, started the coffee and got this morning started. We are having a lazy Thanksgiving this year. The Turkey breast is from Honey-Baked, the pies from Marie Callender's we chose Pumpkin and Pecan and the dinner rolls are Kings Hawaiian. I did make homemade stuffing and cranberry sauce and later I will bake some sweet potatoes with a little maple syrup.

Well, the coffee pot is telling me its ready, so I will put on some music, start looking through the paper and start giving Thanks for all we have. Have a wonderful and Thankful Thanks giving.

If you'd like, come on over later, we'll have plenty to share.



A Lewis said...

HOpe it's a beautiful and happy Thanksgiving for you.

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a great day :)
We stayed home this year and sent
the boy with my parents to a
friend of the familys for turkey...
We are gonna have turkey and
dressing tomorrow at my parents



sorry i haven't commented...I have
been reading your blog though :)

dit said...

Lewis, our Thanksgiving was great. Hope you had a great one also.

Laurie, Sounds like a great plan. Glad to hear you have been stopping by. Have fun at your parents. Does your family do the Turkey dance, or is that just my family? lol

Big hugs to both you and Lewis.