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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Springtime in Kentucky

Hello everyone, this past week, we went to visit family in Kentucky. Had a great time and really enjoyed our stay. The pear and cherry trees were in full bloom and spring was in the air. We enjoyed staying up until the wee hours of the morning to color Easter eggs and then having an Easter egg hunt the following day. Here are a few photos from the trip.

I hope you are in good spirits and enjoying spring too. Spring is a symbol of new beginnings. What are you going to begin?



A Lewis said...

I tell you, isn't this a great and beautiful country to live in and be able to enjoy. It's amazing. I'm in NY State right now and enjoying the countryside, the rolling hills, and the springtime.

dit said...

It really is Lewis. I've never experienced upstate New York. A trip I may need to plan. Have a wonderful holiday my friend.

Diederick said...

Spring is here alright, and I'm loving it. Those trees with white flowers are incredible, any idea what they might be?

Christopher said...

Great pics!!

Anonymous said...

The pictures make me wish I had
been there...
ALL those photos are totally
amazing...So beautiful...I really
like the ones with that HOT guy in
them ;)



dit said...

Hi Diederick, the trees with white flowers are pear trees.

Thank you all for the compliments. I really appreciate each of you.