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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Good Morning

Good Morning,

I hope you are doing well. Not too much going on with me. I am really enjoying summer and looking forward to beach picnics with friends and family. Hope your face is sun-kissed and you are enjoying summer too. Plan an adventure, I am.

Take care, Dit


A Lewis said...

No dear, it's not sun-kissed. It's rain and cloud kissed. Except for those few hours THOSE were good.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting punched by the
sun...I have been in need of some
color for YEARS!!! Now that Josh
is driving and has his own
truck I don't have to leave my
lounge chair in the sun...Nor
the pool float...AHHH...Life is
gettin better :)

TACKLE YOU HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!