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Monday, November 19, 2007

Splendiferous Weekend

Yet another adventurous weekend. Friday night, we hit the gym, came home and watched some "crap" Television. Saturday was rather uneventful, ran some domestic errands and hit the gym.

Sunday, I picked up a friend and we headed to the © Murakami exhibit at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in Los Angeles. It was a beautiful fall day to drive with the top down in the convertible. On our way to the exhibit we were driving through Hancock Park and noticed this splendiferous storybook castle for sale. I slammed on the breaks, parked and we went inside.

Built by Earl Le Moine in 1926 for his wife, Chateau Le Moine is for for a king. In the heart of Los Angeles in Hancock Park, this spectacular 5 bedroom, 4 1/4 bath, story-book castle is replete with drawbridge to guest quarters, coat of arms, gat house and is situated on park-like grounds beside a lovely stream. This architectural masterpiece includes a two-story living room, a Juliet balcony, baroque fireplace, a look-out tower on the 3rd floor, formal entry, dining room and so much more.

After viewing this more than amazing piece of architecture, the realtor told us that Angela Bassett’s home was for sale and that they were holding an open house. So, we headed over to have a look.

This is Angela’s living room.

The Master bath.

The backyard.

We drove around the neighborhood and saw a sign of the times.

We took in a few other glimpses of architectural beauty.

And we finally arrived at the exhibit.

Yup, the bastards would not allow me to take any photos inside! Ha! The nerve. lol

Hope your weekend was as amazing.


Jake said...

y weekend was spent working on my nights off. Almost got ran over by someone and got to kick a door in. Nothing splendiferous.

sexy said...