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Monday, January 14, 2008

Colds, Rockbands and friends

This past weekend was restful and fun. Friday night, I was not feeling well, still with my dreaded cold. So, I stayed in for the night. Relaxed, watched some dvd rentals. I rented Eastern Promises, The Kingdom, Rock Heaven, LTR or Long-Term Romance.

Rock Haven and LTR were both gay films. Rock Haven was ok, rather slow. It takes the age old question of Jesus vs. Gay or vise versa. The guys in it are cute. A few shower scenes that show not much of anything.

LTR was a much faster paced film and had some very cute and funny moments. More nudity and a few full frontals.

Both were entertaining, however, if I had to choose, I would say that LTR was more entertaining.

The other films were more than entertaining. Worth a look if you are in the mood.

Saturday, some friends came over, we had fun, ordered pizza and played "RockBand" on our Xbox 360. We were having a blast until the wee hours of the morning. Most everyone spent the night. So Sunday morning we woke up, had coffee and such, then started playing "RockBand" again.

Almost every morning, my cat goes outside and talks with his friend the squirrel. It is very cute how they talk to each other.

This is our cat

This is his friend, The Squirrel.

Today, I am feeling better, still some lingering cold like stuff, but it seems as though the worst of it may have past. Now, my better half seems to have the same symptoms. So, I will take care of him. Hope you had a great weekend also.

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Mark said...

Just watched Rock Haven yesterday. Take another look at chapter 9. I thought that scene was pretty hot.

Oh, BTW, Uncle Gerry sent me. ;-)