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Monday, March 3, 2008

Arn't Weekends Grand?

The sunsetting from our little place on the map.

These images are of some lavender I have been growing.

I hope this finds you all in good spirits. I am relaxed after a fantastic weekend. We did not do much over this past weekend, just relaxed, cooked and watched crap TV. Saturday, I made Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto. Sunday night we went to pinkberry and enjoyed that.

The mushroom and asparagus risotto turned out delicious. If you would like the recipe you click here, or go to and search for Mushroom and Asparagus risotto. Enjoy.


The pinkberry was a nice end to a beautiful and relaxing weekend.

So, what did you do? I want details DAMMIT! Lol


Laurie said...

That looks like a peaceful sunset.
We don't get to see ours :( Houses
get in the way. But, it does look
pretty cool when you stand in the
road (and pray no cars come) and
look at it between these trees.

The food looks dee-lish! Recipe
please :)
Glad you relaxed. I got to hike :D

dit said...

Hey Laurie - How cool, I love hiking! The recipe for the Mushroom and Asparagus risotto is from Martha Stewart dot com. I will post a link. Very simple to make and oh so good! I added more mushrooms and asparagus than the recipe called for. 8-)

Lewis said...

As a vegetarian, I wish that I liked mushrooms more...but I don't. A little goes a long ways. Having said that, the recipe looks delicious! And I love risotto. You'll see what I was trying to cook last night on my post today when WHAMMO...a real problem!

dit said...

lewis - I read your post. You poor thing!

I am sure you could make the recipe and swap the asparagus with the mushrooms. You can easily make an asparagus broth vs. a mushroom broth. Just an idea.

Take care of that thumb kid!

Steven said...

Great photos, particularly of the sunset. The photo of the lavender give me hope that the snow will be disappearing soon. And the food looks delish!

dit said...

Steven - you always have the nicest compliments and comments. Thank you. 8-)

Dick Pics said...

i caught up on masturbating. it had been awhile!