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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wicked Tuesdays with Jake

Good Morning, Tuesday evening it was warm here in LA as the sun made interesting shadows on the stucco store fronts. I was shopping on Beverly Boulevard and as I walked into a trendy house wares store, I immediately locked eyes with the stores only other patron, Jake Gyllenhaal.

One of the many things I love about living in Los Angeles. Yes . . . he is just as adorable in person. I was temped to ask for a photo but, decided to let him shop in peace.

Afterwards, We headed to the Pantages theatre on Hollywood boulevard. This is one of my absolute favorite theatres in Los Angeles. Designed by architect B. Marcus Priteca, it was the last theatre built for the impresario Alexander Pantages. The palatial Art Deco theatre opened on June 4th, 1930, as part of the Pantages Theatre Circuit.

The Pantages Theatre Circuit had been built on Vaudeville, and the new Hollywood theatre programmed first-run movies alternating through the day with Vaudeville acts for its first two years. But like other theatres during the Great Depression, it was forced to economize and thereafter operated primarily as a movie theatre, though live entertainment was presented occasionally.

Pantages sold the Hollywood landmark in 1932 to Fox West Coast Theaters. In 1949, Howard Hughes acquired the Pantages under his RKO Theatre Circuit and moved his personal offices to the building's second floor. From 1949 through 1959, the theatre hosted the American motion picture industry's annual Academy Award Ceremonies. It continued to be a major venue for Road show movies into the 1970s. From 1965, it was operated by Pacific Theatres. The Pantages closed as a movie theatre in January, 1977, and re-opened the following month with Bubbling Brown Sugar, the first of the many stage productions that have since become its regular fare.

Wicked was brilliant. The set design was beyond spectacular. I really loved how it incorporated true to live social politics. For example, declaring someone else "evil" so oneself could say they were "good." Also labeling. The talking animals that were banished and declared "evil", in my opinion you can easily insert any group here, Women, Gays, liberals or any race or culture.

Jo Anne Worley played Madame Morrible and did an exceptional job. If you ever get a chance, do go and see Wicked, it will answer many questrions you may have had about the Wizard of Oz.


Anonymous said...

You saw Jack Gyllenhaal?!?! I adore him. He has a cute puppy face.

Laurie said...

I just drooled sorry. That boy is
10 years, 6 months and one day
younger than me. But, I'm not
obsessed with him at all.
OK! So I am just a lot. Nothing
small :D

WAT said...

This is a cool blog. Thanks for stopping by mine!

I AM GIDDY WITH EXCITEMENT THAT YOU SAW JAKEY G. There are no words to describe how highly I think of him. He is to me what The Beatles were to dem women back in the 60s.

Had I seen him shopping like u did, I seriouosly would've prolly fainted.

dit said...

King - He is so adorable, even in person. He the most stunning perplexed look on his face as he browsed the store.

laurie - he does that to more than a few of us. lol

wat - You are welcome. Thank you for the compliments on the blog. He is a brilliant person indeed.

Steven said...

That had to have been a great experience to see Jake. Did he ask you for your autograph? Joanne is someone I haven't heard of lately. I can't remember when I saw her last. The photos you provided of the theatre definitely showed the grandeur of the day when it was built. Thanks for sharing!

Lewis said...

Jakey? One of my favorites. Dark haired Scandinavians. Yummy. Are you for real....did you REALLY?

dit said...

Steven - Ha! As if! lol No, seriously, he looked at me with that . . . "please let me shop" look. I love this show palace.

lewis - yes, he is more than a tasty snack for sure. Yeah, he looked at me with those puppy dog eyes. So adorable.

Matt in Argyle said...

First off, JAKE GYLLENHAAL!!! lucky.
I wish Wicked would play in a theatre near here, I might just have to go on vacation to see it. Everyone seems to love it.

Queer Ranter said...

OMG! Jack! Cutie!

I'd love to watch Wicked. No idea when it'll hit the shores of Msia, if it's coming this way...