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Monday, February 25, 2008

Is Spring here yet?

Greetings, this past weekend was fun. We did not go anywhere worth mentioning. Instead we decided to stay home and do some home improvements. We painted or place, well, at least some of it. Sunday afternoon we had a few friends over to watch the Oscars. So, although it is not quite spring, I feel as if it has already brought us new tulips and a new wall color. Hope you had a great weekend too.


Laurie said...

Wanna come and paint my place :)
It's in more than dire need of it.
Just kidding. Won't do that to ya.

Those tulips are BEAUTIFUL! I wish
I had a green thumb. My son has one
and can make anything grow anywhere
he wants it to.

Lewis said...

It's one of my very favorite times of year. Trying to shed ourselves of winter, trying to be early spring, and a good mix of both. Cold nights, semi-warmish days. My favorites.

dit said...

laurie - hmmm, I might suggest a few in-shape shirtless guys painting your place as an alternative? I'll bring some snacks.

Lewis - Yes, I completely agree. We have had so much rain here in California. I am just not used to it.

Anonymous said...

Your tulips are gorgeous. It makes me want to go out an find some for myself!!

lovely paint job as well, I always love to see a room transformed with a fresh coat of paint. If you ever want to paint in a new region, let me know and you can help me with a room transformation sometime!


Ryan said...

very nice we should had u come help us with are new place.

thanx 4 the comments and love and support means the world 2 me.

Anonymous said...

Your place is gorgeous!

I live in a dorm so there's no point in painting the walls. :/

I also like the tulips although I prefer more exotic flowers, like birds of paradise and orchids.

dit said...

christopherc - thank you, I love tulips. These bulbs were forced. Just like the previous ones.

ryan - Thank you also. You are so welcome. My only regret is there is not more we can do. Hope you are feeling better.

Sincerely - Thank you also. I too love tropicals. Oh Bird is one of my favorites. Will be getting some of those from the neighbor's yard soon enough. lol

Steven said...

Love the decor and colors! And the tulips add a nice touch!