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Monday, March 10, 2008

Bikes and Sunsets

It was a most beautiful weekend in Southern California. We took full advantage of it. Friday evening was very quiet and we went to the gym, I burned 825 calories on the "tread climber" then proceeded with a few weights.

Saturday was pretty domestic, took the car in for an oil change and dealt with the DirecTV people who always have the same answer / excuse. "this is an easy job, we just can't do it." Saturday evening was much better as we met for a friends birthday at Gladstone's in Malibu. We played on the beach, had Strawberry Daiquiris and ate peanuts while we waited for our table. Dinner was delicious as always.

Sunday, we went to the gym. I burned 800 calories on the "tread climber" a did a few weight things. Then headed home to meet a friend and we rode our bikes to the beach.

in the image above, you can see the Hollywood sign. from the left go to the second building, it is the tiny white thing pointing left. Squint, go on . . . . lol.

After riding back home, we decided to drive back to the Marina for dinner to watch the amazing one hour later sunset.

I hope your weekend was as if not more spectacular. As always, if not . . . you are always more than welcome to join us.


Laurie said...

Those are some pretty pictures.
I wish my black lab would stay like
that. He hates the rain but LOVES
the pool. We had to get him his own
so he'd stay out of the big one.

Lewis said...

Fantastic shots, man! Really cool.

dit said...

laurie - what a great Mom you are. 8-).

Thank you both for the compliments on the photos.

Diederick said...

I wish the Netherlands was a bit prettier, though sunsets look beautiful everywhere in the world.

I love the phrase in your description:

"I am still waiting on that rainbow toaster oven" -it's hilarious how some people actually think there is a gay agenda.

I think I have a new link in my Blogroll :)