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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, not much going on today. So here are a few images of the flowers we currently have on our dining room table. Last night we went to the gym, burned 700 some calories on the tread climber, lifted some weights, then went home and relaxed.

I spoke with my Mom this morning, she is recovering quite well from her knee replacement. A friend of hers is visiting and staying with her and helping her get around and to appointments and such. Thank goodness for this friend, will be sending her something extra nice. Today, Mom indicated her feelings are hurt because some family members that live near have not called or visited much since she has been home. I have spoken with these family members and they say she is just not very nice to them. Mainly makes mean and inconsiderate comments while they visit. So, do I say something? Or not? They will most likely get defensive, if I say something to my Mom about her comments, she will start crying. So . . . What is a guy to do? I guess mind my own business and go get a cookie. Lol

Hope your day is going well and is drama free. My favorite songs today are

Starz In Their Eyes - Just Jack and Hollywood -Collective Soul


Laurie said...

Loves the flowers! I'm sorry your
mom is feeling hurt by some of the
family. I wish I knew what to tell
ya. Send her my best!

dit said...

laurie - thank you. Yes, I too am sorry she feels hurt. No worries

Anonymous said...

Love the photos you have shared for us, but I agree that you have put yourself in the middle here with the family members. It's somewhat hard to do a little "white lying" ("They said that they have been very busy with work and their own trials and tribulations.") Whatever you decide, don't carry the guilt with you. Then again, how good is Mom at keeping her mouth closed if you were to tell her? All my best!

dit said...

Hello afod - Thank you for the compliments. Yeah, I am staying out of this one. It is a "loose - loose" if I get involved at all. lol

Queer Ranter said...

Oooo pretty flowers. Lovely.

Well do what you can do yourself to make her happy. :)