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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cookie Pride

I hope this finds everyone doing well and feeling great this Tuesday.

While grocery shopping the other day I noticed these Gay Pride cookies. Yum Yum, I just wonder if there is a baker in there laughing up his sleeve. lol

Today I paid $4.05 a gallon for gasoline. It is really going up isn't it?


WAT said...

AHAHAAHAH! Cute. Rainbow pride cookies! I had to look twice to make sure I wasn't looking at crayons or something.

Oh that gasoline is inching ever so closely to the $4 here in the San Fernando Valley, unless the price for regular is already there and I didn't notice it over the weekend.


Lewis said...

Hey, are those my favorite butter cookies/shortbread? Yummy!

Laurie said...

My must you taunt me with those
cookies? I hope you bought some
and ate them for me. I seem to
remember when I was growing up my
grandma made cookies that looked
sort of like that. They were
rainbow colored and tasty.

Also, I will not complain about the
gas prices here. We are paying
$3.30 a gallon.


dit said...

wat - I had to do the same in the store. Crazy . . . no? Yeah at this rate it will be $4.25 by summer.

lewis - we should make some and have cookiefest 08! lol

laurie - I completely understand, I am crazy for cookies too. Those prices are sure rising.

Bronson Page said...

Even at $4 a gallon, which is highway robbery, gas is still cheaper than lube, by about 7500 percent.

dit said...

Bronson Page - so true, unfortunately most vehicles will not transport us nor our food to market on lube alone. lol

Anonymous said...

Nice looking cookies. After being in San Fran last week, I can relate all too well on the price of gas. It was over $60 to fill up my mid-size rental. ACK!