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Monday, April 14, 2008

Hiking ducks and heat

This past weekend it was very warm here in Los Angeles. It really turned into a fitness working weekend. Saturday morning I enjoyed coffee and a glance at the paper, then decided to hike Runyon Canyon. It was amazingly clear day and you could see the ocean.

Saturday afternoon a friend came over and we biked to the beach. I took some old bread I had stashed in the freezer to feed the wild ducks on our way. They were so cute.

We also noticed these amazing purple flowers growing all along the beach.

Then, we all had dinner and watched Little Children with Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson, Jennifer Connelly. Patrick Wilson's body is fine and well worth watching for.

Sunday, I woke up to a kitty screaming and pawing my face. Enjoyed some coffee. I make really good coffee, if I do say so myself. Enjoyed the paper and looked at a few magazines. After throwing on my shorts and a T, I headed to Runyon to hike again. I hiked it two times each day. After the hike I went home and fixed us a simple lunch of chicken sandwich on rye and a Caesar salad. Then we went and looked at a new car, but decided there was no WOW factor to it. Afterwards we went and got an ice cream. So, nothing to exciting.

I leave you with an image of the residential portion of Hollywood Blvd.

and a set of amazing gates.

I hope your weekend was great too.


Laurie said...

mmmmmm coffee, quackers and flowers
I would love to be able to walk out
my front door and go for a hike.

Hey, I may come for some coffee.


Lewis said...

Oh my god, I thought you said DUCKS IN HEAT. I was a bit nervous to read your post! And, say, that Patrick is the looker, eh?

dit said...

laurie - Darling, you can stop by and have some coffee, some cookies and more. lol

lewis - welcome back, ducks in heat? lol. Yes, that guy is very nice. Not too pretty.

Hamilton said...

you know my family can make a gate look like that. hehehe....

I also had a baby duck a long time ago, then it died in 4 weeks. I was 11 years old and cried my eyes out. so sad...

WAT said...

I love this post. So L.A!

"Little Children" is one of the best films I have ever seen! OMG! Kate Winslett is (as always) sooooo good, and there is not a gay man alive that doesn't have a crush on Patrick Wilson; their sex scenes together are scorching!

Great great movie!

dit said...

hamilton - Your family is talented. I am sorry you lost your duck, that is awful.

wat - Thank you so much for the compliments, I really appreciate it. Yes, very LA. Loved the film, however as usual, I felt it needed more nudity. lol

Anonymous said...

Great close-up shots and nice landscapes. What was the poor kitty screaming about? Nothing serious I hope.