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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

You know you love me . . .

I must admit, I am becoming addicted to Gossip Girl. As far as viewing the show every Monday night? Not really, but each DVRed episode leaves me wanting more. Much unlike this years election campaigns or bushie trying to not go down in history as "The Worst President Ever!" I digress.

I am still a few weeks behind in seeing "what's next." Although, I plan on being caught-up soon.

I also enjoy the writing and quotes from the mystery Gossip Girl blogger. A few of my favorites are "You can't save a damsel, if she likes her distress." Another is "If you weren't such a Perv! The CIA would hire you in a minute!" lol

You know you love me! XOXO Gossip Girl fan here! lol


Dick Pics said...

you need to watch the newest eps!!!! trust me they have upped their game as far as one liners go.

Laurie said...

I've never watched it but I'll
take the brunettes :)


Rick said...

Never watched either but I'll take the brunette as well (the guy that is). : )

Queer Ranter said...

Oh I love Gossip Girl! There's something about Chuck Bass that's so sexy. Dan Humphry is just so adorable and Nate oh Nate.


WAT said...

"You're no one unless you're talked about!"

I tried getting into this retarded show and I just can't. It was much easier for me to latch onto "Dawson's Creek."