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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Big Mo's and Birthdays

Last night we celebrated my Birthday at one of my favorite eateries in Los Angeles. Orso, the food is always delicious and the staff incredible. Even delivering a piece of cake with a candle, no singing or scene created.

We enjoyed the food, conversation and drinks. A great night it was. The perfect ending to a wonderful birthday.

Now to something far more interesting. Lol

While in Arizona, we stopped into a convenience store only to find these. We felt right at home . Well, being "Big Mo's" and all. Lol

They are KING SIZE! And come in "Creamy Caramel" or "Peanut Butter!" lol

Apparently Dale Jr. is the official "Big Mo!" My actually being a Big Mo, I have no idea who Dale Jr. is.

So who would like a "Big Mo?" lol


Laurie said...

So glad you had a great day. That's
important now a days.
You know, you are a beautiful man.


YvesPaul said...

Ooh, Tiramisu, Yum!

Don't you like it when they come out singing or clapping their hands? haha. One old gay restaurant in Philly used to make the birthday boy wear a hat, lipsticks and a dress. That would have been fun, huh? :)

Again, happy birthday!

Lewis said...

No singing or scene created? It really wasn't your birthday then. And that means that you really are NOT a year older.

dit said...

laurie - Thank you so much fr the compliment.

yvespaul - Oh, no , no no . . . me no like that. Embarrassing. lol That lipstick and hat . . too much for me. Sounds fun though.

Lewis - thank goodness! shewwww.

Michael Guy said...

Hope your birthday was special fun, fellow GEMINI!

Christopher said...

Happy belated Birthday Handsome!!

ps: Love that shirt! who are you wearing?

dickophile said...

glad you had fun. and i would love a big mo thanks. a nice big hunky mo.

"Just David!" said...

Big Mo is my favorite! I've never had one that hasn't failed to please. Oh, we're talking candy here, nevermind, just remember, what passes your lips ends up on your hips! ha! Advice from my grandmother who for some reason always thought of me as her granddaughter! Ha!

dit said...

michael - yes, us Geminis are always up to something. lol

christoher - You are too sweet. I think the shirt is 7 Diamonds.

dickophile - We could not agree more. lol

just david - you are so witty. I love it!

Anthony said...

That tiramisu looks divine :-)

WAT said...

Yes, thank God for no singing and crap for a birthday. That has to be the most embarrassing overdone thing at certain restaurants. I hate it.

Happy Bday though!

Hamilton said...

you are adorable too.