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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So . . . They Say

Its your Birthday. Lol . Yes, today is my Birthday. I am 43 years old! Scary huh? Lol Tonight, some friends are taking me out to dinner and I am really looking forward to that. We are going to Orso in Los Angeles, it is really yummy Northern Italian style food. Their thin pizza is amazing. I hope you are all having a fabulous June 10th also.


Lewis said...

I know to enjoy a perfectly good pizza. Any chance of an invite? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Laurie said...

43 isn't so bad. You're only
5 years older than me.

Enjoy your day!


dit said...

lewis - Darling . . . you are always invited.

laurie - Thank you my dear. You are invited too.

I understand, it is a bit of a commute for many,lol however, you are all invited.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY HAPPY birthday Dit! As I said on Laurie's blog... June babies RULE!! ;-) Hope is a great day for you!
You know, I do like your new caption with caricature! :)

kookla@work said...

Oh Happy Day! 43 years ago today, the havens opened up, clouds parted, angels descended upon gilded wings and your mom pushed you out of her nether regions...LOL.

Enjoy your birthday and your pizza and the delicious atmosphere of eating amongst the beautiful people.

YvesPaul said...

Happy Birthday Dit! Enjoy your dinner, hope you get a big piece of cake!

dit said...

Awe, Thank you all for your well wishes. Beautiful people is so right Kookla! Orso is full of em. lol

I was actually born at 10;17 am at Queen (who knew) of Angels hospital in Los Angeles.

yvespaul - I love me some cake! lol

MR style said...

happy b'Day

dickophile said...

happy belated birthday!!! though i only missed by a few hours!

Anthony said...

Happy (though slightly belated) Birthday! Warm greetings from London!

Anthony said...

PS - What a cute pic!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Dave! And there is NO WAY you are 43! With everything that you have been involved in and perhaps your avatar even moreso, I thought you may have been in your 20's. Now I won't feel so old next Saturday.