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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More random thoughts . . . .

I hope this finds everyone in good spirits and enjoying their day. Last night was relaxing, we ordered a pizza and watched some television.

A commercial came on for Country Crock (Crotch) margarine. Now, apparently they have added Omega 3's to it. I started laughing, it is as if they were saying "We've taken this stuff, we are not really 100% sure what it is and added a little something that might be good for you." WTF? If you enjoy country Crotch, please continue to enjoy and please do not take offense, however, give me butter anytime. I will use it sparingly.

I just adore peonies and here are a few images of the ones that are currently greeting me each time I walk into our dining room.

After our pizza and making some weekend plans over the phone, we started watching the film The Bucket List. Not a bad film, but makes you think. If you were given 1 year to live, what where would you go or do. Of course finances are not an object.


Anonymous said...

What you described about Country Crock is how I feel whenever there are "New and Improved" commercials or ads. As if why not make it the best you can to begin with? Great shots of the peonies!

Anthony said...

I love peonies ... they are so soft and lovely. We recently had a display of pink and white ones. They really brightened up the lounge

YvesPaul said...

Do you realized that take out the O and the E from peonies, it becomes something else I like?

Laurie said...

That OMEGA marg. would give me an
OMEGA butt. Not what I need.

Those are some pretty flowers. I
wanna stick my nose in them.

I love to eat cold cheese pizza.
The doctor doesn't like me doing
that but oh well!


thonnibg said...

Wow,these are great shots!
So,you live in Hollywood!I`m envious:)

Anonymous said...

That is SOOOO hilarious to me... we have always called it "Country Crack" and have often laughed at the pseudo healthy additives they try to make us feel better with--about basically spreading plastic on our bread! LOL!

Michael Guy said...

er, I've had a tub of Country Crotch in the refrigerator for practically a year now.

It still looks like the day I opened it.

LOVE the peonies! AWESOME!

dit said...

afod - exactly, just what do they take us for? lol Thank you for the compliments.

anthony - Me too, I just adore them. They do not grow in the California Sunshine, so we have to import them. Crazy, no?

yvespaul, - you and I think alike. lol

laurie - It might give you a few other unwanted things too. lol The flowers do smell really good.

thonnibg, - Yes, I live near Hollywood. I love it too.

bridgeout, - absolutely, why not just eat plastic bead? Good one, Country Crack. lol

Michael guy, honey, you could leave that in the sun for ten years and it would look the same. lol. well, maybe a little softer.

Peopnies are awesome. I love em, love em, love em!

WAT said...

One year to live? SPAIN. I would go to España, no question!

kookla@work said...

I have a confession that I have never told you. When I was 18 and needed a job real bad, I worked on assembly at Shedd Spread. It was the worst job of my life and is the reason I cringe every time I see a tub of Country Crock.

And you aren't kidding. The people who make it are not 100% sure what it is.

tyler said...

i would go to die in bali: fishing, eating, fucking...oh yeah and drinking very fine anejo tequilas....or yeah and wearing nothing whatsoever.
as far as butter is concerned: it is actually better for you as long as you don't eat a pound a day.

beatpunk said...

Next thing you know, they'll add pomegranate to the Country Crock. The peonies are beautiful.