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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tuesday evenings with a laugh and a stylist

Tuesday evening when I walked into the dining area the peonies were open so wide. Their petals resembled feathers, which made the vase looked as if it were filled with a pink boa.

After playing photographer, we went to the get our hairs cut. I feel ten pounds lighter.


Laurie said...

Makes me wanna stick my nose in
that flower....

I needs a hair cut. I'm thinking
of this one in the front that just
keeps getting in my eyes.

Really though, I do need to find me
another hair stylist that can cut
my hair the way I want it. It's
sad when I'm a stylist and I have
to teach another how to do her job.
They still never get it. UGH!


Lewis said...

absolutely DELICIOUS! My favorites.

Anonymous said...

OOOOO.... that last one with the unusual lighting is cool!

Anonymous said...

You do look better with the short hair. Although it was nice to tug at it when I could. Alas, it's Summertime. ;-)

Nice looking peonies! You could get lei'd with 'em.

YvesPaul said...

I know you have posted this one a few days ago, and I haven't commented on it until now. It's because I'm in awe. Great photography! It's really beautiful.

Diane said...

Gorgeous flowers

WAT said...

The peonies? Y u dirty man!