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Monday, July 7, 2008

Long weekends fly!

I hope this finds everyone rested and relaxed. In the US we had a long weekend to celebrate the 4th of July. Thursday night we headed out to Temecula to play the slot machines. The place was really busy, we played for a little while then headed home.

Friday, after sleeping in slowly started the day. We had been invited to a BBQ, so I made Garlic Bread and Macaroni and Cheese. Both turned out good. Then we all headed to the park to watch the firework display. We had six children with our group, which always makes it interested. They are so adorable.

Saturday morning, I decided to go for a hike and get some fitness in. Then, that evening we decided to go see Hancock at the Cinerama dome in Hollywood. It is always an interesting experience going to this theatre. As we often see celebrities. Saturday night, Todd Stashwick (from The Riches), Elizabeth Berkley, and Jerry O'Connell with his brother Charlie O'Connell.

Sunday was just relaxing, just hung out and then took care of a few domestic things. Grocery shopping and such. We also started a diet. We are doing the South Beach diet, which is limiting. Not only is the diet limiting, but throw in our own eating limitations. It really forces us to be creative. Lol

Plan on heading back to the gym this week also. I hope you had a nice holiday and weekend also.


Anonymous said...

I think a diet is the last thing you need to be worried about! :-) Glad you guys had an enjoyable weekend. Looks like the weather was cooperative and the fireworks were a "blast."

Lewis said...

Yummy....that mac and cheese and garlic bread! some of my favorites.

YvesPaul said...

The O'Connells are hot! And good luck on the diet.

Christopher said...

You just reminded me that I have never been to the Cinerama dome...I need to fix that asap!

dit said...

afod, - Thank you, as always. But yeah, we are gettin a little pudgy around the edges. Too much baked good. lol

Lewis, - Yes, those are the reasons we need to go on a diet. lol I love em too.

yvespaul, - yes, they are pretty hot, huh?

christopher, - yeah, it is an experience. I like it because they offer assigned seating.

Haroon said...

Thanks for stopping by :D

Just out of curiosity - just because I'm still new to all this - how did you find me?

dit said...

haroon, - Anytime, you have an interesting blog. I found you through another blog. Take care and visit back sometime. 8-)

Laurie said...

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM foooooooooooood
I love food that's why I'm fat.

So glad y'all had a great 4th. We
got to watch the works from the
beach in Seacliff with my uncle
and aunt (and my little cousin :))

Elizabeth Berkly.....Can't act but
damn is she a cutie.


WAT said...

Hey, these celebrity sightings at the Arc Light are most interesting!

Your 4th of July weekend sounds as lovely as mine !

Anthony said...

I missed Dolly :-( But went to LAX for the end of the holiday weekend :-)