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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Random Tuesday Post

Am sitting here thinking about having a bbq for the 4th of July. Not sure whyat to have. Thinking about BBQ chicken, chips, dips . . . and something yummy for dessert. Nice it falls on a Friday this year, making it a long weekend. What are your holiday plans?

Also, read an article in the LA Times talking about how oil is expected to hit 200 a barrel in the not too distant future. Supposedly this would equal to about 7.00 a gallon (still cheaper than European prices) and how that will most likely change our economy and how we do business. One of the biggest factors in the fuel hikes is our more than devalued dollar. I am no economist, but I am assuming that is largely due to the amount the US is in debt. Crazy to think that less than 8 years ago we had a surplus. The way we get around and do business may change soon. I hope someone is smart enough to fix this mess. Or at least think of a better way.

Oh and check out my balls.

Outside of that, it is a beautiful day here in Southern California. I hope where ever you are it is beautiful too.


Jim said...

Wow, your balls are "AVP's" whatever that stands for.

Anonymous said...

I see the balls are no longer blue, which is a good thing. ;-) The unfortunate thing about all this debt is that it will take us A LOT LONGER to get out of than it did to get into it. Don't look for a cure with the next President, regardless of who it is. :-(

Lewis said...

Hey, can I please totally ignore the end of your post and just focus on the fun part at the top of your post? I hope so. Our fourth plans are nothing formal or heavy....with the move coming up and all. But we will celebrate with neighbors after dark with the fireworks.

Anthony said...

Hope you have a great 4th of July!

WAT said...

I'd rather check out yer balls than think about $7 gas.