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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So . . . what are you good at?

I hope everyone is good on this particularly overcast and grey Tuesday. Well, here in Southern California anyway. We have some morning marine layer which is supposed to give way to blue skies and sun later in the afternoon.

First, I was shopping the other day and came across this on a t-shirt. I started laughing. How funny is this?

Was also wondering about the people who visit and leave comment on this blog. What I am wondering is what everyone does as an occupation or for a career? I am a designer, mainly for print and some web. Also have experience in installations for museums and trade shows. I am currently learning more about Flash and building sites in Flash. Eventually, I hope to move more into the web area of design. So . . . . I believe that everyone is good at something, what are you good at, or at least do professionally?

Update, we had a shaker here in Los Angeles today. 5.4 or so on the Scale. Was a rolling quake, not a shaking one. Everything near me is fine. I may find a few things when I get home. But if I do, I will be surprised. Most likely worse for those near the epicenter. Thoughts with them.


WAT said...

I'm not really doing what I am good at, so I'd rather not even discuss it. My current occupation has nothing to do with my true talents! I'm truly a singer/songwriter, radio voice announcer, and linguist. Oh yeah! And I'm also a world-renowned rocket scientist!

Ho hum. Alas...

Laurie said...

I hope you bought that shirt.

I'm great at getting into trouble
and staying there. I'm also good
at running into and falling over
things. Lots of other things too
but, I won't bore you with those.

Everybody knows what I do :D


Greg said...

For the past 10 years, I've worked as the office manager for the OC location of a global creative/marketing staffing agency. Not terribly exciting, perhaps, but I love it. :)

tyler said...

i am a grad student working on my phd in clinical psychology (which means when i am finished i will be able to prescribe drugs) with a specialty in sports psych.
i am also a french trained chef and do cheffing gigs as they come up...mostly in santa barbara with a catering company there.
my third (or first )career is waiting to have sex with bob.

Laurie said...

Hey Sweetie!!!
Watching TV and they said that
there was an earthquake. I'm
checking on you! PLEASE!!
Let me know as soon as you can
how you are!


Michael Guy said...

I am a VP of Creative Services of a market-specific advertising agency. Don't pack yet; I am nowhere near 6-figures.

I essentially manage the creative team/product and present our award-winning creative capabilities on new business pitches nationally.

Frankly, I wanted to be a florist.

Jim said...

What I do: Graphic Design.

What I am good at: Graphic Design.

But that all sounds so dull. Let me spice it up. After working in retail a few years I decided that I liked making the windows pretty more than I liked making sales. So I worked for a long time in Visuals for Nordstrom.

After a bitter parting, I fell backwards into graphic design because my boyfriend did that. We had a gay stationary/greeting card/calendar/book company for a while and I was amazing at creating the content. That's right, I wrote (and designed) greeting cards. But that is a hard business and we left it behind.

That's when I started doing some freelance styling for fashion shows, commercials and photos shoots. Which went on for a year or two. But what a load of crap goes into all that. I just don't have the patience to explain to someone why this or why that and stroke all the egos. My mother always thought "because I said so" was a good enough explanation and now so do I.

Fast forward to me today. I am a one man bad who can (and often does) creates the concept, supervises the photo shoot, retouches the images, creates the design and writes the copy for dvd packaging of "adult entertainment". To put it bluntly, it's straight porn.

It pays me well. I work for a porn company with some morals. I am amazing at my job. Who knew all those previous skills would create this perfect storm or a job?

YvesPaul said...

Funny, the first person I thought about after hearing that LA was in a quake was you. Hope everything in your home was ok.

dit said...

wat, - WOW! You are really talented. You must have a nice voice.

laurie, - lol. I did not buy the shirt. Too small. Maybe if I was 16, could wear it as a half shirt. lol

Yes, you do something great for so many. Seriously. Bigger Hug!

greg, very interesting. We have quite a few creatives here. I love design too. I am sure many are thankful for the effort and love you have for taking care of the office.

tyler, you amaze me with all that. Sounds like you have a right and left brain and the ability to use them both. Not that common. At least in my experience.

Laurie, Thank you so much for your concern. All is fine with me. Thoughts are with those near the epicenter in Chino Hills area.

Michael guy, - Very impressive. An agency guy too. Nice one.

Jim, WOW! you are a true creative. And one who does things on his own terms. My hat is off to you my friend. That is one impressive resume.

YvesPaul, Awe, such a sweet soul you are. Yes, I am fine. Thank you for your concern. so . . . what do you do young man?

So far it sounds like we could run one heck of a creative powerhouse. Everything from voice overs to design and ads, throw in some really good food too. I must admit, I am surprised at the amount of creative types with heart and soul we have here.

Anthony said...

I just heard about the quake and wanted to check you were OK ... but you had already updated to say you were. Glad to hear :-)

As for careers ... you know what I do now .. I'm a trolley dolly :-) Previous to that (up until last year) I was a lawyer for an internation investment bank. I know, a bit of a change, but I'm SO much happier for it :-)

bridgeout said...

Well, I always thought I would be a singer... cause I am good at that! But more than 20 years ago I felt like I was supposed to be a counselor. Saw so many women who were the victims of spiritual and emotional abuse (of course in churches), and I wanted to make a difference! So I am a counselor (LPC: I don't get to prescribe RX like tyler will be able to)... and thank goodness, I am "good at it"... more importantly, I love what I do!

PS- glad the quake didn't rattle ya too much!

tyler said...

i amaze myself sometimes...and i say that with incredulity and appreciation. but i owe it all to my uncle who encourages, threatens (not really but kinda), gives me opportunities no one person deserves.
i've always been interested in 2 things: food preparation and what makes people tick. so there u have it, heh?

Lewis said...

Trolley Dolley #2 (right after Anthony). 14 years now. I'm best at organizing, preparing, planning. I used to be a pretty good singer, musical director and such. Oh, and the cooking....pretty fancy at that too.

dit said...

anthony, Very interesting career switch, almost the opposite direction. The world is now you office. Congratulations.

bridgeout, - That is very interesting. I can tell from your blog that you have a big heart. How nice of you to share it with those who are truly in need. Plus, the ability to sing! Wow. I could not carry a tune in a Hermes bag. lol

tyler, - As you know, you are most fortunate to have that Uncle. Working that right and left side is no easy task. Most impressive.

Lewis, - You are one talented and loving soul. Like anthony, the world is your office and your coworkers. How amazing it must be to see a set of new faces each day.

Thank you all for letting me know what you do and what your talents are. You are all so talented.

"Just David!" said...

When asked "What do you do?", I always reply, "About what?". I retired many moons ago but now make a few extra bucks as a chef(classically trained in San Francisco) and I used to own a flower shop so I make money doing that too. My friends are always coming up with very odd jobs for me so life is fun and busy!

photogreg said...

I was good at teaching 2nd graders before I retired.Now I'm good at keeping busy with photography, gardening, blogging, cooking, and Wii bowling.

dit said...

David, - Very interesting. I am sure you are an amazing chef. Some of the food you describe on your blog sound more than delicious. Your flower arrangements are more than unique also. Not at all surprised you have so many friends and fans.

photogreg, - Awe, I am sure you were a great teacher. Now you are able to spend your time being creative. You have a great eye for photography.

YvesPaul said...

Oh, forgot. I'm an IT manager, good at math. Really want to do something in Statistics, and I can cook pretty well too.

beatpunk said...

I'm a tad late, but I work for the government by day and support dj's and bars by night. I think you're quite creative and a great photographer. I'm really good at kissing and opening bottles of champagne.

dit said...

YvesPaul, - You IT guys always amaze me with all you know. I get so confused with that stuff. I love smart people. 8-)

beatpunk, - Better late than never. No worries. Are you a secret agent man? hmm, I know you'll never tell. lol Thank you for the compliments. I appreciate you and them. 8-)