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Monday, July 28, 2008

Scenes of Los Angeles

Hoping that everyone had a wonderful weekend and is refreshed with a smile for this Monday. I spent most of this past weekend relaxing and trying to get rid of this cold, which still lingers. Ugh.

Saturday afternoon, I did go out for a moment and came across this Banksy piece. Love it!

However, Sunday I needed to get out of the house so I decided to drive down to the Venice Canals to have a walk. These canals were created by a developer who had an idea of recreating a Venice Italy setting, simply with single family homes. He eventually ran out of money. So now we have the canals and a street named after him.

So, take the walk with me, and here are a few of the sights.

I hope you enjoyed the walk through the Venice Canals. Who knows, perhaps someday, you can see it for yourself. Or join me. Although a warning, sometimes people get restless while I take photos. lol



Laurie said...

LOVE THAT BOAT!!! Also, those
dolls...creepy!! I'm trying to
remember a movie that had doll
heads in it and I think it was
think that was it.

We spent Saturday celebrating
a friends b-day. Since I don't
drink anymore I watched several
of my friends get plastered and
attempt to go swimming. It was
quite entertaining.

I would really much rather have
been walking along the canal
with you though.


Michael Guy said...

Okay. So I'm just now getting the reason VENICE, CA is named "Venice." D'oh!

Great pics! And those doll heads intrigue me. Plus snaps for the doll chandelier thing. Now that's original!

Hope you feel better soon, too!

YvesPaul said...

I've been there last year as a tourist, but I didn't get to walk around that much. And thanks for the Banksy piece, you're really a great photographer.

"Just David!" said...

I was Miss Construed one year for the... nevermind!! I've seen the Venice Canals in movies and would love to see that in person. On my next trip to LA, lunch is on me if you play tourguide! For the cold, try oil of eucaplytus and oil of peppermint and a chunk of fresh ginger, add all to boiling water and steam your face over it with a towel... talk about drainage, have an extra towel handy!!

Dantallion said...

Very talented with a camera. Love those shots.

dit said...

laurie - Isn't that great? Yes, this area is best described as wealthy eclectic. Some real funky places next to amazing pieces of architecture.

michael guy, - Yes, not the entire city. But this portion was supposed to.

yvespaul, - thank you for the compliments. You were here just last year? Wow, there really is so much to see and do in LA. It is so difficult to give people direction. Cause once you do, it is like . . . oh man, I forgot about that. lol

David, - yes, it is an amazing walk. Pretty easy too. In this area, parking is the problem. But not one that cant be fixed. lol. Lunch sounds great.

Dantallion, - thank you for the compliment. I do enjoy taking photos.

Diane said...

More gorgeous photos! I'm born in raised in So Cal, and I've never taken that walk. Something else for my to-do list.

dit said...

dianne, - Thank you. Yes, it is a very cool area. Many eateries not too far away either. Makes a nice afternoon or morning walk.

Anthony said...

Great captures! The canals loook fab

underneath said...

How refreshing - I had a great weekend on an island by the sea... have a nice day.

Tim in Italy said...

Hmmm... a bit homesick now.

Gledwood said...

wow is banksy well known chez votre side of the atlantique as well? double wow then

hey it looks awfully well put together where you are

not like the decaying inner city I inhabit!!!

dit said...

anthony, - thank you. You might check it out sometime on one of your worldly adventures. 8-)

underneath, - WOW! on an Island by the sea? Sounds delightful.

Tim, Awe, you have a trip coming up. Hopefully it will all go well.

gledwood, - yes, we are very aware of Banksy over here. At least in LA.

Take care in that decay, we have some of our own here too.

WAT said...

Wow, this blog is getting lots of comments now! Congrats!

Venice is a strange place. Stuck it seems in a kind of hippie-like time warp.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! And I love the abstract on the #3.

beatpunk said...

Beautiful pics. I love the creepy dolls--they remind me of the Graham Norton Show.