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Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'll Take Manhattan!

Good Morning, I hope everyone is enjoying this Thursday. Hard to believe it is almost the weekend already, yeah! Lol

So far, I have no plans this weekend. My better half will be out of town, so it is me solo. Hmm, what shall I do? I am sure I will get in a hike and may hit the beach, we will see.

We are still doing the South Beach Diet "Super Charged!" lol It is working well so far. I have no lost too much weight yet, nothing that I really notice, although, I mainly went on the diet in support of my better half.

Again, not sure why everyone wishes they were somewhere else, but if I could, today I would be in Manhattan.

Where would you rather be? Anywhere?


Jim said...

At Chateau des Ormeaux in the Loire Valley. If only my money were worht something when I left the shores of America. If only I could take enough luggage to stay for a while. If only my French had improved since the last time I went.

Oh damn you for making me day dream. I must demand some duck confit for dinner soon!


Laurie said...

Give me a place where the temp
is never higher than 80 and never
lower than 60.


dit said...

Jim, - that looks amazing! How fortunate you are to have been. Please, do not get me started on this bankrupt country. lol

laurie, - I am not 100% sure, but I do believe that might be San Diego. Supposedly, it stays in the 70's most of the year. Big hugs back.

Tim in Italy said...

At the Cloisters in Berlin. Most Berliners don't know where this place is. It was a beautiful old church that suffered a roof collapse during the bombings in 1945. The wreckage was cleared away and the shell is now a theatre where the classics are performed every summer. Elm and spruce trees have grown up around the ruins and overtime artists have places their sculptures here and there around it. In the winter it is a magic place after a snow fall.

dit said...

Tim, that sounds amazing!

Christopher said...

Can I tag along with you to Manhattan? Please?

dit said...

christopher, absolutely. Pack lightly, cause we are going shoppin! lol

Greg said...

I would love to be in Segovia, Spain...wandering the cobblestoned streets, revisiting the huge gothic cathedral at the center of the city, touring El Alcazar and the Roman aqueduct.

dit said...

greg, that sounds like a beautiful place to visit. The history over can put so much into perspective.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that the diet is still going well. No cheating (on the diet) wherever you escape to!

"Just David!" said...

Buenos Aires with Rogelio, the argentine polo player lapping champagne off his chest while lounging in a pool atop his penthouse apartment! Or, the Galapagos Islands on a private yacht, still in a pool and still with Rogelio!! Ha!

Anthony said...

I iwhs I was in the bed asleep. Ah, the drawback of my jetset lifestyle :-( Failing that, if I had a little more energy, I would love to be having a nice German breakfast in Munich :-)