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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What makes you Smile?

Greetings, I hope this finds everyone in good spirits and enjoying this day. I am ok, not feeling 100%, a sinus thing going on. Hoping it is not a cold.

Still, the palm trees swaying outside the window make me smile.

My better half is going out of town this weekend and will not be back for almost a week. Hmm, what shall I get into?

What is making you smile today?


Laurie said...

Other people smiling! When some
one smiles and then another person
does and it just goes on and on.

You could get into trouble! I do
all the time!


Jim said...

So many options...

Diana Ross at the Hollywood Bowl?
Cherry Pop in West Hollywood?
Eating in front of the TV?

Oh yeah, I'm living large.

dit said...

laurie, - You are so sweet. Always thinking of others. I am hoping to stay out of trouble. lol

jim, - I love Diana too. Wanted to get tickets,but have a work function. UGH. All that sounds good to me, keep it going my friend.

WAT said...

Dogs make me smile. They really do. I love doggies. Seeing them out in the street, or on TV. I just wanna eat 'em up!

Goodbye better half! I will miss you while you're gone, but will be waiting for you all hot, naked, and bothered when you return...

Anonymous said...

What makes me smile?
Watching my son play, have fun, interact with his friends. Hearing him laugh.
My wife having a cold glass of wine on the table when I get home at night... flowers from her for no reason at all... watching her get ready for work in the morning...
OK... I think I used up my allotted space here! ;-)

dit said...

wat, - Animals in general make me smile too. Dogs are amazing, talk about unconditional love, even for strangers.

bridgeout, - wow, you are observant. Some very nice things you mentioned. Take as much space as you would like. 8-)

Michael Guy said...

Like WAT says: dogs

I saw a black pug this morning on the walk into the office and his lil' tongue was just hanging out of his mouth all cute-like. I so wanted to snap his picture. That made me smile!

Tim in Italy said...

Yeah, doggies.

Rick said...

I'm smiling because it's "almost" the weekend.

Jef said...

Rediscovering vanilla wafers after doing three loads of laundry.

Blasting the B-52's, Bananarama, and Blondie from my stereo as I drive to the grocery store with the top down.

Reading a book on my bed while enjoying my ceiling fan.