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Monday, July 21, 2008

Pride and Kayaks

What an amazing weekend we had. After enjoying coffee and the paper on Saturday morning, we started our adventure to San Diego. It was a nice drive down the coast, was overcast most of our drive. When we arrived in San Diego, we walked from our friends home to a neighborhood restaurant to have lunch.

Later, we went to Old Town San Diego for a drink. Old Town was one of the first parts of San Diego to be settled. The atmosphere was great and the drinks were good.

We enjoyed Old Town, then went back to our friends place to have a BBQ. Always love a great BBQ. Later, we decided to go out into the Hillcrest district. We enjoyed watching Gay Pride being celebrated and had a few drinks. The weather was great and we had quite a few laughs.

Sunday morning, we woke up early to head down to La Jolla for our Kayaking trip. The skies were overcast which was nice as it was not too warm. We were all a little worried about getting our Kayak past the wave break and into La Jolla cove. But we all managed just fine. The waves were not too heavy on Sunday, at least in La Jolla cove. Our instructor / tour guide was extra nice and very knowledgeable too. One of the first things we were able to see were sharks, Rawwwwrrrr! Lol Sharks! Lol Ok, Ok . . . . They were harmless Leopard Sharks. It was wild to see them swimming below us. We also saw many Garibaldi swimming below us. The Garibaldi is the California State Marine Fish.

Leopard Shark


Some California Sea Lions were sunning themselves on the rocks as we kayaked into the caves.

Our tour guide also pointed out the home that Dr. Seuss lived in until he died a few years ago. We also saw the caves and cliffs of La Jolla. La Jolla cove is actually a preserve. Fishing or disturbing anything that lives or grows there is highly discouraged.

I will post photos of our kayaking trip later. We used an old school water proof disposable camera. So, am waiting on the prints.

We had an amazing weekend, I would recommend kayaking La Jolla cove to everyone. I hope everyone of you had an amazing weekend also.


Laurie said...

Man, those are some great pictures!
I LOVE the one of the bird and the
sea lion.

Were those wine grapes? My dad used
to have some wine grapes and once
I went to get some thinking they
were gonna be like the seedless
YUCK!!! BITTER! Left them for the
racoons :)

Glad you had a wonderful weekend.

Big Tackle HUGS!!!!!!

Michael Guy said...

I only know of the "Garibaldi's" of Monaco fame. But nice fishy, too.

SHARKS!? No way! Would this be a good time to footnote I can't swim?!

Sounds like a divoon weekend/getaway with the right mix of food, friends and nature.

dit said...

laurie, Thank you for the compliments. The bird photo I took, The sea lion, someone else did.

The grapes are growing at our friends place. They said the grapes are sweet, I did not try them.

michael, - So funny, I had no idea about these fish. One of our friends who joined us on the kayak can not swim either.

It was an amazing weekend.

tyler said...

i love old town sd. it sounds like you had a great time.
in north county (solana beach) there is a one block area north of the racetrack that features some of the best mexican restaurants in california: check it out.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time. Awesome photos! The sea lion is so cute.

Diane said...

dit - you take absolutely amazing photographs and have a great eye.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had yourselves a fun time. Great photos. I particularly like the one of the seal. So at peace and relaxing!

"Just David!" said...

the kayak part sounds like a blast... i'd love to do that...

WAT said...

Wow, I just took a trip with you thanks to those pics! THE SEA LION IS SO CUTE! AW!