They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. - Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol - US artist (1928 - 1987)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday, already?

It has been so quiet this week over all, very little worth mentioning has happened. Although, yesterday, when i arrived home, we had a package from two of my favorite people on this planet. I opened it and there inside was a jar of Beach Plum Jam. Our friends have been to Cape Cod and thought of us out here on the left coast. I love Beach Plum jam. It reminds me of being a kid and spending summers at my Grandparents home on Cape Cod. They made my day. Thank you to them.

Last night for dinner we cooked sweet onion with yellow, red and orange peppers grilled a few Turkey and sweet pepper sausage links. Then made a simple salad. So far so good with the diet.

Since everyone typically wishes they were somewhere else . . . Lol Today I wish I were in the Caribbean Islands. How about you? Where do you wish to be?


Laurie said...

Yeah it's hard to believe this
week has gone by so quickly.

I'm not on a diet anymore. I figure
that if I don't open the freezer
I'll be just fine.


Anonymous said...

I would like to be in Mitch Hewer's shower... not alone, of course.

Tim in Italy said...

Sometimes, I hate blogger. The Mitch Hewer comment... guess who?

dit said...

Laurie, lol. Good for you!

Tim, ha! Nice choice! lol.

Greg said...

I would like to be on a cruise going through the Inland Passage. Just because I've never visited Alaska, and the weather might be just a tad cooler than here.

Michael Guy said...

I would like to be touring the Grand Homes of England somewhere in the Peak District. Like Chatsworth. Been there/done that...but would return tomorrow.

Or maybe just a guest house in the Warm Sands neighborhood of Palm Springs with a new friend and cocktails.

Christopher said...

I've got Vegas on my mind A LOT lately, so I'm going to say lounging by the pool at Caesar's, with an oversized cocktail in hand...almost made a typo there...tee hee!

MR style said...

thank u dear for all your nice comments !! i hope u'r havin fun too !!! this picture is cool too !! it looks even nicer than in tahiti !!! grrrr im jealous :)

WAT said...

In Florence, Italy with Jake Gyllenhaal. But he's with that skank Reese Witherspoon.


dit said...

greg, - Alaska is so pretty. I went once, sat on a glacier and drank cheap beer. I would do it all again, sans cheap beer. lol

Micheal guy, - I have never been to England. I hope to some day. I love Warm sands and Palm Springs.

Christopher, - I love Vegas and so does my better half. That pool at Caesar's is more than amazing!

mr. style, - Anytime. Happy Birthday, again. Enjoy!

wat, - shes such a good beard, eh? lol. Just kidding I have no idea. I too would love to go to Italy.

Jim said...

Off the topic.

I got an email from Live Nation regarding $10 tickets to a bunch of stuff. Available starting at 10 am on Friday until midnight.

(all on one line)

I am absolutely going to go for the $10 tickets to the Regeneration Tour featuring The Human League, Belinda Carlisle, ABC & Naked Eyes on August 5th.

Since sometimes your tastes run similar to mine, hought I’d give you heads up...

How come I don't have an email that goes directly to you?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the diet! I think I wish I was in Ireland right about now.

tyler said...

though i love new york, i want to be home in santa barbara with my bros and my bars and the beach and the tacos from LA SUPER RICA after a night of partying.
as far as who i would like to be with in the shower with...that would be brad pitt: though the rumor is that he is so embarrassed of his feet that he refuses to have them photographed. now, let's think about this for just a second: gorgeous brad pitt...i mean how bad can his feet be, heh?

Anthony said...

I wish I was in Cape Cod, actually. I've always wanted to go!