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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Move those silly scores!

Good Morning!

So, last night we were watching the synchronized diving in the Olympics. There were some really nice bodies up there in Speedos. Got frustrated when they would put those silly scores up to block our view of the swimmers showering.

Ok, so here are the latest photos of my friends pooch Cooper. Isn't he adorable? Of course, I am a little biased, he is my god dog. Ha.

Hope you are doing well and your week is too. Anyone doing anything interesting this week?


Anthony said...

I've been put off diving since I tried it aged 9 and cut my head open :-(

And yes, your God dog is cute :-)

As for this week I've got a few days off and doing some chores around the house before heading off to Miami on Friday morning

Christopher said...

Yes!! I was thinking the exact same thing last night...especially since it seemed that one of the US divers was a little "excited".

Laurie said...

SHOWERING!!! OH MAN!!! I missed the
best part of the Olympics! DAMN!!!

He still looks like a stuffed puppy
pillow! Makes me wanna snuggle up
and sleep.

This week the boy has band. What's
new about that though. He has it
twice a day this week. UGH!!!


dit said...

anthony,- awe, that is too bad.I bet that hurt.

Oh, I love Miami! South Beach is amazing. So much art deco.

christopher, - exactly, what are they thinking?

laurie, - yup. The showering is quite hot.

I agree, I think I had a stuffed animal similar to him back in the day. So much musical talent in your family. You might be a rock n roll Mom someday.

Rick said...

I've missed all the swimming. I can't stay up that late but I feel your pain. Show me the bulge!

Diederick said...

Nice swimmers, cute dog tag :)

Michael Guy said...

That dog is gorgeous!

And those divers...well, le sigh. I'm thinking I couldn't get one leg into their Speedos though.

dit said...

rick, show me the bulge is right! Ha!

Diederick, - thanks, I think so too. 8-)

Michael Guy , - I must agree. I may have to go visit him soon. Me either on the Speedos. Always been envious of those who can/could.

WAT said...

Swimmmers and divers are perfect. JUST PERFECT!

I love your little puppy friend. He looks so soft and fun.

"Just David!" said...

If that dog goes missing, you should probably start the search at my house! Ha! How adorable is that little thing. Next time I'm in LA, I want a pic with him! Oh, and the divers are cute too!!